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Monday, December 15, 2008

An Unsuccessful Story

This post is about a person, a person who never succeeded in life.
Read the following to find out about him.

Jenson Caliente was born on January, 10, 1967 to a middle class family. His father worked at a nearby brewery and his mother died of miscarriage for their second child when Caliente was just ten years old. Neither the mother nor the child survived. Caliente completed his schooling as an average student. As his school was ending he also fell in love with a girl called Dina Burrows. As Jenson and Dina started going around Jenson failed to notice her decreasing interest in him. Until the day when Dina broke-off with him on the day just before school graduation.

On graduation day in school he watched as all the kids parents hugged and beamed at their wards graduating. Jenson's father hadn't made it to the graduation. He saw his ex excited and hardly in any kind of heart ache celebrating in the school grounds. Jenson just abot stopped himself from spilling his tears.

That day he vowed that he would make his luck himself. He could not afford college and his father was hardly concerned about his studies. Because of Dina neither did he have any best friends back in school. Jenson did not cry.

Then he began working as a mechanic in a near-by workshop. One day as he sharpened his tool on the grinder, the tool jerked off his grips and the sharp blade sliced off two of his fingers. He could no longer write or work as a mechanic. His father had grown older and was alienated from him. Last of what Jenson had heard was that he had married another woman and had other step-children. Jenson did not cry.

Jenson soon moved into the transportation business where with the right contacts he secured a good job and finally began earning and with no one to spend on he also started saving a lot. And in a few years he had began his very own transportation company.

Later into life, Jenson was shopping at a grocery store and he saw his father with his new wife with step-sons who could be his grandchildren. Then their eye's met, Jenson felt his heart would stop and then his father nonchalantly looked around, the truth hit Jenson- his father had not recognized him.

With all that he had he still did not have anything in life, Jenson bgan to know that and with increasing hatred towards his father. Why did he do this to him? Jenson finally cried.

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