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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Delhi's Aunty No. 1

The Aunty No. 1 holds Delhi’s top-job third time consecutively. Mrs. Sheila Dikshit continues to be the Chief Minister for the Indian capital New Delhi. She made pretty tough statements after Congress prevailed over BJP in New Delhi such as ‘Media found more issues than the opposing party,’ which is true. BJP became too dependent on the terror memorandum, but the citizens were wiser as they continued to ignore this promise, which they believed BJP could achieve no more than the Congress.

But the Delhi CM has been effective in previous tenures in ways such as increasing the green cover in Delhi. Delhi had 3% forest covers in 2000. Presently, the tree/forest cover is 20%. Times of India asked people about this fact and they agreed that Delhi was indeed green. She has brought in e-governance and introduced tax filing through the Internet and information about various schemes online but the only glitch is that they fail to be updated. But still they are informative.

A charter for the CM would include the following:

  • Continue to improve the green cover. Delhi is so large it could use a lot more green belts.

  • Provide housing facility to eliminate juggi’s i.e. slums still cover acres of land across land, introduce the free housing scheme.

  • Except for random checks on the power meters that people claim run very fast ever since the privatization of the power sector. The power bills still shock the people more than the constant blackouts in various parts of Delhi.

  • Presently, the traffic situation is very much out of control but it should correct itself slightly once the metro gets functional fully by 2010.

  • Please take out time and capital for the major overhaul of the PTS (Public Transport System). The senile DTC busses need to be scrapped, there maintenance is too high, and they run too slowly and guzzle a lot of fuel. In the long run, the Transport Corporation will benefit.

  • This one goes without saying, the security situation in Delhi needs to be notched up a level and it must be reviewed immediately as a priority.

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