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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blogs of Note or Clods of Note?

I have always wondered how the Blogger team shortlists the 'blogs of note'. Do they have actual humans like you and me reading out post after post? If yes, those people can't be humans. In all fairness I find many of the Blogger blogs of note utterly boring and many of them containing clip after clip of meaningless pictures. Blogs should be fun and they should promote interactivity and not some guy bragging about the pictures he takes from his picturesque mansion or house or whatever. How long will we say 'ooh-aah' to these photos?

Another category which bores me in the blogs of note are the line after line description of one's kids, house and about the food items they know to make, Gawsh!
Blogs of Note should appeal to all and not just connoisseurs of blog who like heavy jargon's in the post they read. Blogger should make it sure that Blogs of Note are really something that people look forward to and not just another reel rolling by.

P.S.- This post is not to ask Blogger to make my blog a Blog of Note. My feet's are well on the ground. (:P)

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