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Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Right now even though I am sure no one is hardly caring for this blog. But, maybe someday someone may care about what I was doing as I posted on blogger. My semester holidays are underway presently and these days I am into fitness and every winter morning (Its winter in Delhi) I wake up by 7 and head for the gym. My pre-gym breakfast includes a bulls-eye egg and a glass of milk.

I am 19, my workout includes 15 minutes on the treadmill at high speed and then 20 minutes on the steppers- they are cardio machines that make your leg and hand move synchronously. This is what my instructor calls warm-up. Then once I begin dripping sweat by the gallon I head for the weights section of my gym. I do 20 reps of all the gym-machines there and end my gym routine for the day. I spend less time on the weights since I want to avoid brawn. Anyways, the muscle become too stiff, I heard they cause problems as you age.

Once I am back I head for a hot bath. Man, the hot water feels great on those exerted muscles then I sit for my post-gym breakfast inclusive of corn flakes, dosa, idly or maybe bread-jam and a cup of tea. The above food items are each eaten on a separate day- please don’t mistake for the thought that I eat all of them in one day’s breakfast.

I am six-feet and my motivation came from the fact that my lean physique was only holding fat on my stomach, the rest of my body was devoid of fat. I had to do something I was still so young- looking absurd. That’s why I signed up for the gym. It is helping and a lot. Personally, I feel much more energetic. I don’t head there for the fact that I want to be brawny- just for the broad shoulders and a good body shape with overall fitness. In college after a month when I return I want, at least my roommates to see the change in me. I hope they do!

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