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Friday, December 12, 2008

No Honking Day

For any of you guys out there who thought the people of Delhi had the habit of incessant honking embedded in their DNA, here is a news you may want to know.

January 1 is going to be observed as a No Honking Day in the capital. So maybe you guys in Delhi should give that horn a break. The government bus drivers, auto wallah's are all going to be given a detailed seminar informing them about the harmful side effects and the importance of No Honking in certain areas.

So the traffic police is out and out making Delhi much more suitable to the ears with the terms such as the hustle and bustle of Delhi getting very under-playing.

Apart from Honking Delhi also creates noise from highly harmful Himesh songs that play the minute some Haryanvi is in a good mood and crackers whenever the Indian cricket team wins a game.

No offense but for the average Delhiite the closer to a hospital- the more they honk. That is why it is important to educate and make them aware about the harm they cause to their own blood pressure and others too.

Perhaps the most common culprits are the Delhi Transport Corporation busses that have that booming honk which makes the passengers pee in their pants. No Honking Day? Please, it's a more than welcome initiative. Signing off, to a more peaceful Delhi.

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