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Friday, December 12, 2008

Today Is Special

You people know I am really sweating it off at the gym for that ultimate physique I dream of, like a lot of other of my dreams. But the fact is I am sweating for this dream unlike for my other dreams (Ha-ha, did you catch the joke?). Anyways, sorry for that lousy crack it's just that I am on blogger at a time when I should really go to sleep. I was not able to catch my forty winks last night, maybe around 22 and a half winks (Ha-ha-ha, another one. I think i am in a rare form today!). I watched the movies Tropic Thunder and Memento. That apart it is winter in New Delhi so my body just wants to get inside that blanket for a deep slumber after a cup of tea. The fog is till low on the ground and it is zero visibility outside. I have no worries whatsoever and it is my semester holidays. And most of all I am sleepy, so while I hit the sack, you guys recover from this shocking post which ends as abruptly as I started it.


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Vivek said...

hah! you actually read it huh?..